5 Ways to 5-Stars Guest Reviews

Small changes can have large impacts; don’t miss an opportunity to get a 5-star rating every time

Professionals working in the hospitality industry know the top guest review websites rank based on a combination of quantity, recency, and quality of your reviews. It’s not hard to see how good, recent reviews can help bury and balance out any poor reviews.

According to TripAdvisor, “because the Popularity Ranking is based on user feedback, consistently collecting new, high-quality reviews—that reflect levels of service and value that meet expectations—is the best way for businesses to improve their position over time.”

If “95% of all travelers read online reviews before booking,” then how can you increase your stars on top guest review sites to gain the confidence of travelers? Here are five simple ways to improve the guest experience at your property and lead them to increase your stars!

1. Confirm Up-to-date Information

In this ever-changing world, it’s imperative to make sure your information on the internet is up-to-date. From Google Business to Yelp to TripAdvisor, guests have a wide range of outlets to find out information about your property. For the most part, this information should be evergreen and not require constant updating. However, with the pandemic, staff shortages, and changing requirements, this information might be in a continuous state of flux. The last thing you want is a frustrated guest who has found incorrect information. To avoid this altogether, make sure all guest review websites have the correct information. From times of service to availability of hotel amenities, allocate this task to an appropriate employee. This simple but often overlooked task will save you immensely.

2. Teach Employees Service Standards

From the general manager to the maintenance worker, everyone should know the basics of how to provide the best service and hospitality for each and every guest. At the end of the day, every single employee represents the hotel’s overall brand. Make sure your staff is knowledgeable about these necessary standards and is placing guest service at the forefront.

3. Meet Guests Where They Are

In today’s digital world, just about everyone is on a smartphone. So why not offer mobile solutions to connect with your guests? Adding features like mobile check-in/out or mobile key entry can dramatically improve your guests’ user experience. It can also significantly increase guest engagement with your hotel. The ability for guests to access everything they need on their mobile devices is now an expectation, and consequently is becoming an industry standard. Of course, we know not everyone prefers this type of service. Your goal should be to meet your guests where they are, with mobile and in-person solutions to service all types of travelers.

4. Give Guests the VIP Treatment

Smart rooms and the convenience of technology brings added luxury to the hotel guest room as well as elevates the guest experience. According to MediaPost, “69% of households in the U.S. have at least one smart device, while 12% of those (about 22 million homes) have several.” This means a significant number of hotel guests are accustomed to using smart devices and connecting to the Internet of Things.

By providing smart devices like:

  • Smart-room Tablets with features like a digital compendium and digital service requests
  • Smart TV capabilities like casting and access to streaming providers
  • Smart-room Controls like lighting, window treatment control, and temperature adjustments

Can only elevate the guest’s overall room experience. The more they enjoy the room and stay, the more likely they are to express this on guest review websites.

5. Thank Guests for Their Stay

Another easy but often overlooked detail! Keep it short and sweet. Thank the guest for their stay and request a review with a link to a popular guest review website like TripAdvisor. Don’t be discouraged if not everyone provides a review. Typically, only “5–10% of consumers write [a] review.” Regardless, sending a thank you note to guests can leave a positive impression.


Whether or not you put into practice all five or just one of the methods above, making adjustments toward elevating guest experience is the ultimate goal. If the hotel information is correct, service standards are instilled, guests have mobile and tech options, and feel welcomed at your hotel, the likelihood of a 5-star review–and returning guests!–are certain.


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