Determine the Number of Driving Lessons Required as a Learner

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Driving in Victoria, Australia requires one to become acquainted with the roads, signs, and necessary rules. Driving schools will provide the probationary driving license and the skills to drive in any situation within rules. In the state of Victoria, almost every home owns a car as a car is the most common transportation for commuting in Australia. 

One of the advantages of driving in Victoria is the expansive roads and freeways. The rules in Victoria and its suburbs can differ from the states in Australia and other countries. Therefore, it is imperative to learn the road rules and to get a license legally. To get driving lessons in Victoria, a person should be 16 years of age to be eligible for a learner’s permit, but should be at least 18 years of age to qualify and obtain a probationary driving license. 

St. Kilda is an inner suburb at the seaside of Victoria, Australia. The suburb is well connected with the CBD of Melbourne by trams and light rail lines. It also has water transport like ferries and private boating. The Bayside off-road bicycle Trail is convenient for bike riders to stay away from heavy traffic due to cars and trams on the road. 

Pass First Go is the best choice for driving lessons St Kilda. By taking driving lessons from them, you learn everything about safety, road rules, as well as best practices in Victoria. All the driving instructors are well aware of the Vic roads giving you the best knowledge. Getting driving lessons from the Pass First Go enables a learner to pass the test in one attempt. 

Driving lessons are not only to pass the test and get a license. It is taken to develop the skills of safety and confidence on road. There are different training programs for new drivers and old drivers for the refreshing course. Since we have less time to contribute, therefore the learning classes are more about the experience and less about theory. 

There are a set number of hours that have to be spent on driving lessons. It is better to let the driving instructor figure out how many driving lessons you need. Through the first assessment lesson, the instructor gets to know your abilities and tells you how many hours you’re going to need. 

Factors affecting the number of lessons 

  • Research says with age the learning and remembering power reduces, therefore younger drivers will need fewer driving lessons. With every increase in a year, the driving lessons increase by two more hours. 
  • To get accustomed to driving and road rules we must stay behind the wheel for at least 2-4 hours every day. Continuity of driving lessons helps in progressing quickly. 
  • Apart from the professional lessons, it is also good to take at least 22 hours of private lessons. It is good to ask your friend or family, who is above 21 years of age and holds the license for the last 3 years, to take you out for practice. 
  • The instructor plays an important role while learning to drive. With a good instructor, you’ll progress every week. If you find no improvement, you can always request the driving school to change your instructor. 

Reading a theory book and getting practical lessons have a huge difference. Sometimes a learner who has taken many driving lessons passes the theory test easily because they have full experience of road and rules. Theory tests give you an understanding of road markings and signs, but driving lessons will help you experience them.