First electric medical air-travel facility coming to Rock Island

The facility will act as an air ambulance and health care transportation assistance for Quad Towns hospitals.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — America’s first electrical vertical choose-off and landing facility is underway in Rock Island. 

Produced by a Davenport-primarily based organization, DIFCO Inc, Hughes Aerospace and 5 Alpha L.L.C.O, the facility is named “The Corporal Jason G. Pautsch Vertiport.”

“He is my more mature brother,” claimed DIFCO CEO Jake Pautsch. “He was killed in action in Missoula, Iraq, on Good Friday, April 10, 2009.”

The facility aims to serve all space hospitals by providing air ambulance solutions, using a photo voltaic-electric power facility and an electrical battery-powered aircraft. 

“It is really renewably aware as we say. It is heading to be developing just underneath a single megawatt of power. Our approach is, until eventually we have a adequate demand from customers for the energy generation, we’re likely to provide MidAmerican Energy’s energy grid beneath a code GF the Illinois Commerce Commission tariffs,” Pautsch claimed.

The purpose of the facility is to give safer and speedier health-related air transportation.

“Common landing sites would be like your standard airports, which have standard runways,” Pautsch claimed. “The most difficult matter for helicopters, specifically aeromedical, is if you are working out of a common airport you have to air taxi.”

An additional driver for the electric vertical air travel is organ and tissue donor transportation.

Pautsch expects the facility to be completed by the wintertime. out?v=SqDwCb4d7wk