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How to Choose Hotel for Your Next Trip – Q COSTA RICA

When you are looking to book a holiday, the more preparation you do beforehand, the less stress there will be while you are on vacation. Whether you are exploring the best of Exmoor or the exotic lands of Spain, you will need an excellent place to stay. This doesn’t mean you have to look for 5-star hotels. The hotel you choose needs to check specific criteria to make the booking worthwhile.

The Criteria That Must Be Checked Off

You have decided on the destination. Now you need to determine where you are staying. You want a good combination of comfort and practicality that fits your budget. Here are a few criteria that you should consider when booking your hotel.


Look at the hotel’s reputation through reviews and star ratings. This should give you a good idea of whether the hotel you are looking at will be safe and reliable to book with. The last thing you want is to arrive at a hotel and not get what was advertised. So making sure the hotel’s reputation is solid will give you peace of mind.


The hotel’s location will be important as you don’t want to be stuck far away from public transport or places to eat. First, look at a map and determine whereabouts the hotel is situated. Next, look at the area around the hotel. Is it close to public transport, places to eat, the sights you would like to see, etc.? You can also determine whether the area is safe for you to walk in, etc.

Your location will need to match the reason for your holiday – if you want to dive into the site and life of the destination, you will want a location that allows for this. On the other hand, if you’re going to get away and have peace and quiet, you will want to find a location that is removed from the hustle and bustle of life.


All vacation plans must consider food. Whether your hotel is self-catering, close to restaurants, has in-house dining, or room service should be considered. Often a hotel will offer a complimentary breakfast. These hotels are worthwhile considerations as one meal will be taken care of and not take a bite out of your budget. A variety of dining options will allow you to choose which option suits you and your budget.


Understanding the room and hotel amenities will be essential to ensure that you get what you want without any unanticipated costs. In addition, finding out what amenities are excluded from the basic rate will help you decide whether the hotel is for you. Amenities include WIFI, use of the hotel gym/spa/swimming pool, shuttle services, in-room tea, coffee, etc. 


The final criterion is whether the hotel fits into your budget or not. Looking for deals through booking agents is a worthwhile experience as you may find discounts between the booking agencies that you can benefit from. Booking during off-peak seasons or mid-week can also give you lower prices. If you use a booking agent, call the hotel and confirm that they have your booking.

Checking Out

Once you have found a hotel that meets your criteria, you are ready to book and confirm your hotel. With this in place, one of the biggest tasks of planning your holiday is complete!

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