Features of providing a transfer from Mountain Stars Transportation

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Individual service is good because you don’t have to wait for anyone: you flew in and immediately went to the hotel. However, such a transfer from Denver airport to Breckenridge in tourism is more expensive (and significantly), and you will have to pay on the spot. But if you have a small child, then you can ask for a car with a car seat for the desired group or even order a premium car with a leather interior. The possibility of these additional services is another plus of individual service.

Types of transfer in tourism

Tourist transfer can be divided into three types:

  • Individual;
  • Group;
  • VIP transfer.

The first is usually ordered separately from a special passenger transportation company, or at a hotel at the place of arrival. Sometimes the airline itself offers a transfer. In the case of individual movement, a car of any class will arrive for the tourist, depending on the cost of services. Most often, this type of service is ordered by tourists who travel on their own, without the mediation of a travel agent.

Group transfers are more common, as many travelers buy a package from an agency. It usually includes a trip from the airport to the hotel and back. A VIP transfer in tourism is an individual option, but with additional highly paid services (for example, an executive class car, champagne and flowers in the salon, etc.).

Features of providing a transfer from Mountain Stars Transportation

Group and individual service is possible already at the destination, for example, when you want to go somewhere, but do not want to pay for the tour, then you only pay for the round trip. If such a transfer is a group transfer (and it is usually cheaper), then you need to take the right bus, which will either wait for you at the agreed place or pick you up directly from the hotel.
In our fleet, you can find any car suitable for you, based on the number of passengers and the class of comfort – ordinary or executive. You can learn more about vehicle options, and additional services and make a reservation at https://mountaincars.com.

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