Load Manage Obligations

The reason of load manage is granting a secure procedure of each individual flight in regard to the pounds and equilibrium of the aircraft. We must make positive that any dangerous products and/or miscellaneous specific masses are loaded in accordance to regulations. By appropriate loading of baggage, we guarantee that passenger baggage is shipped on time right after arrival and the transfer of baggage connecting to other flights is granted. Load command can be done manually or on a EDP program. Each and every load controller should be capable to situation handbook paperwork in scenario of technique failure. Underneath you find the goal of the paperwork which have to be issued for every flight.


The purpose of the pre-calculation is:

– Calculation of the approximated volume and excess weight required for loading the baggage and mail.
– Best inexpensive provide to the cargo division about fat and quantity available for cargo.
– Calculation of the approximated excess weight of the aircraft. The dispatcher or commander demands this information to compute the quantity of gasoline necessary for a flight.
– In accordance to these calculation we can get well prepared for eventual factors to be taken in situation of bodyweight or volume troubles we could possibly come upon.

The pre-calculation is necessary in case of guide load sheet, if the load sheet is calculated on an EDP process, it is optional.

Loading Instruction

The goal of the loading instruction is to distribute the prepared load for a flight producing sure:

– The aircraft will be loaded according to our directions.
– The centre of gravity will be within supplied boundaries.
– Tail tipping of the aircraft is prevented.
– Dangerous items and miscellaneous exclusive loads are loaded in accordance to guidance.
– The load is loaded and offloaded in the suitable priority sequence.

Load Sheet

The goal of the load sheet is:

– Excess weight calculation of the actual load on an aircraft, generating guaranteed structural and operational aircraft weight limits are not exceeded.
– Centre of gravity calculation of an plane, creating guaranteed the balance of the plane is inside of supplied boundaries.
– Facts to the crew about fat, harmony and travellers on an plane.
– Stats

Notification to Captain

The notification to the captain (NOTOC) exhibits all harmful merchandise and miscellaneous exclusive loads which are loaded on an plane. This information is critical for crew in order to just take the proper course of action factors in circumstance of incidents.


Dispatch of important messages right after departure of the plane.


– Protection always has initially precedence!
– Priority sequence of economic climate punctuality and passenger comfort and ease is dependent on the condition.
– Appropriate software of load manage procedures has precedence about other station get the job done, together with punctuality.

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