Yaaman Adventure Park in Jamaica offers a number of adventure tours

Yaaman Adventure Park in Jamaica

Jamaica Adventure Park serves a menu full of sensations along with authentic Jamaican cuisine. Explore the tropical forest on a powered ATV before taking a refreshing dip in a secret river. And when it’s time for a break, sample the delicious jerk chicken and cool cocktails from the on-site chef’s cooking class.

From a relaxed atmosphere to full of thrills, you’ll find something to suit all tastes here. Adrenaline seekers can race through the mud on a quad bike, explore the jungle on a dune buggy, or head to the Secret River.

If you prefer to live life in the slow lane, you can explore tropical aviaries where exotic birds fly overhead. And when it’s lunchtime, you’ll be on hand to help prepare a Jamaican feast and fresh cocktails during the cooking class. You’ll even get homemade jerk sauce to take home too.

Private Guided Tour To Yaman Adventures Safari jungle park

Tourists will see exotic birds on a grand journey in the mesh aviary birdhouse. This beautiful plantation welcomes you with lots of history with several types of native plants and animals such as camels, ostriches and horses, Tourists can enjoy cooking their own Jamaican cuisine, ride havoc trains and ATV bikes through the rainforest, and Guests can also get their feet on the ground get wet and swim in the calm river that flows through the heart of the famous white river that borders the parishes of st Ann and St Mary.

This is a guided tour set in the lush mountains of a garden parish on the border of St mary and Ocho Rios, where the tour will start with a tour of the botanical gardens showing you different types of flowers and their origins, travelers will see all kinds of tropical birds and native in a birdcage that stretches from a small waterfall through Lillie’s gardens, travellers can walk and swim in the cool river that blends into the mini rainforest. Tourists will then explore the history of the old plantation which was also used as a war fort where tourists will enter inside and interact up close with various culinary dishes all tourists will give cooking lessons on typical Jamaican dishes, and a train ride will give tourists a tour of the plantation in front of the large property which includes camel rides for all nature lovers, ATV rides and Doom trains are available for extreme thrill adventure lovers who want to ride through the rainforest.

You will have the opportunity to interact and swim with dolphins, enjoying the joy and love of these amazing adorable animals. You can make your dream of becoming a dolphin friend come true on one of the tour programs.
Not only can you fulfil your dream of swimming with dolphins, but also other spectacular adventures like kayaking experiences. The best thing to do in Jamaica is Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica! This is the place to spend the day enjoying lots of fun activities ideal for everyone

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